After Hours Physician Line

For non-emergency health concerns that cannot wait until next day, we are offering our After Hours Physician Line at 519-736-7770 

Mon-Thur 4:15pm-7pm

Saturdays 9am-12pm. 

Please note, this line is for Amherstburg Family Health Team Patients Only.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department

In cases of medical emergency

Call 911 immediately and follow their direction.

What is considered ‘acute’?

A condition that comes up suddenly is acute – including but not limited to a sore throat, ear/eye infection, rash, animal bite etc.

Chronic conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, medication refills, form completions or annual physicals) are not considered urgent and should be managed through routine office appointments.

I work during the day; can I wait for the After-Hours Clinic to see my doctor?

No.  this physician line is intended for urgent/ acute after hours cases only.  For regular health care phone call appointments, you must call and schedule an appointment with your doctor, or book your appointment online.

Can I talk to my own doctor on the After-Hour Physician Line?

Not necessarily, you will be connected to whichever physician is covering the line at the time of your call.

I don’t have a doctor; can I call the After-Hours Physician Line?

No. Unfortunately, this service is for AFHT rostered patients only.

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